Theo: piped and frilled cushion




When the fabric is right, frills edges  are neither over-powering nor  too feminine, they just make a fabric look more interesting and a cushion more inviting. One of the greatest advantages of frilled cushions is that they are inclined to stay where they are put – the weight of the frill and the way it drops from the sides, helps to keep it all balanced.

Cushions with borders and especially frilled edges have the distinct benefit that they will stay put on a leather sofa, and in the crook of the arm to the back of any chair or sofa; the extra weight at the edges causes them to be generally less inclined to slip.

Frilled cushions are a core technique which can be adapted to any size and shape, with many different  finishes.




Piped Frilled Cushion

A timeless classic, and a  core technique which we use as our workroom basic; it can be adapted to any shape and size and many variations.

Manageable if you’ve made a thing or two, but avoid matching checks  unless you’re at the top of the game. The steps and instructions are detailed enough for anyone at any level with the wish to make it, but it will help if you know how to sew, how to handle layers of materials and to make stitch neatly. As it’s small enough to make on the kitchen table, none of the processes is in itself complicated, the instructions are simple – so that you can pick it up and put it down, just enjoy the process…..and stitch the tricky bits by hand.


The pdf contains: instructions for both; fabric suggestions; cutting dimensions; simple, precise instructions; tips, guides and watchpoints.


Fabric:  we used a timeless check in hardwearing cotton from Ralph Lauren, there are many other checked cottons- Ian Mankin have a good selection on-line. Also check our store page for current stock.


Level: confident amateur plus.



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